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  • Delaware's First Legal Online Casinos LaunchPublished: August 29, 2013 Delaware is one of the most recent additions to the world of legalized online gambling, and they truly made it official this morning at 6am when the three casinos in the state launched their platforms for free online casino games. More
  • Casino Titan Final Bonus Code BonanzaPublished: August 26, 2013 This month Casino Titan is going big on the last week. During the final days of August there are tons of special offers for online casino players to take advantage of and boost their bankroll. Remember, these promotions are only running on the last days of August, meaning that you have until Saturday to make the best of them More
  • UK Online Gambling Taxes RaisedPublished: August 24, 2013 This week news broke concerning tax fees and online gambling regulation in the united Kingdom. The UK's authorities have just announced they will be applying a 15 percent tax rate to all offshore online gambling companies offering their services to UK players within the UK's jurisdiction in the near future. More
  • Man Wins Lottery TwicePublished: August 19, 2013 Billy Bealer is a man from a small town in Arkansas who experienced something extraordinary that many can only dream of: winning the lottery twice! This is his story. More
  • Full Tilt Poker Repayment Details and HandlingPublished: August 16, 2013 American players will be more than glad to hear that the Full Tilt repayment claims process is set to announce a date for repayments to begin in the United States. More
  • Aladdin's Gold Bonuses August 14Published: August 14, 2013 Aladdin's Gold is offering players a chance to get their deposits matched up with two bonus running exclusively on August 14th. Don't wait too long and take advantage of some of the juiciest promotions on the web. More
  • Mega Fortune Jackpot HitsPublished: August 8, 2013 The Mega Fortune jackpot has paid again, and the amount is staggering. Another player becomes an online casino millionaire, and we have more information in one of the highest paying jackpots on the web. More
  • William Hill Mobile on Microgaming Mobile PlatformPublished: August 7, 2013 As William Hill Casino attempts to attract more players and build a better online casino, it has entered a partnership deal with Microgaming in order to launch a high quality mobile platform for their online casino. More
  • Italian Man Axes Slot MachinesPublished: August 3, 2013 What can happen when someone experiences a huge loss at the slot machines? This Italian man went on an axing campaign, and smashed the slot machines at a local pub. More

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