No Download Casinos

No download online casinos offer some benefit over the download counter parts that are often times available at online casinos. The biggest benefit to be had generally with no download casinos is the fact that you don't have to download or retain casino software on your computer. This makes for quick and easy access to playing your favourite online casino games but it does come with some sacrifice. Learn more below.

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List of No Download Online Casinos

Below is a list of no download online casinos we at Top Casinos believe to be among the best online casinos in which to indulge in playing no download casino games at. Click on the links found below to visit the casino or alternatively read the review for more info.

What are No Download Online Casinos?

No download online casino games present a great appeal to many players and thanks to modern technology are today available at a wide selection of online gaming sites. As the name of these casinos suggests, no download online casinos are sites that offer online casino games for which making a download is not necessary. In other words, players are not required to make a download of software on to a personal computer. This can therefore be a great option for players with an old computer or with low memory capacity.

Accessing entertainment at a no download online casino means that gamers can play directly via the browser in an almost instant format that usually uses flash technology. For this reason, no download online casino sites are often also referred to as flash casinos. In some cases, Java technology is used.

Games at such sites are quick to load but in general these casinos tend to feature a smaller range of games than a download casino. As long as the player has a stable Internet connection, playing at no download online casinos can be a good way to play, especially for those who do not like to install software on their computer.

Download vs. No Download Casino Advantages

Both no download casinos and download casinos have advantages and disadvantages and it is up to each individual player to select their own preferred method.

  • Playing at no download casinos can be simple and uncomplicated.
  • No download casinos offer fast access as there is no waiting for the software to download.
  • As no hard disk is being used, this may be quicker than playing at a download casino.
  • No download casinos are convenient for those with old computers or those with low computer memory as no space is taken up on the hard drive.
  • Players at a no download casino are not limited to one computer. As this type of play needs the Internet, players may use wherever there is access to the Internet.
  • Gaming at a no download casino can be good for checking out a different site, as no software needs to be downloaded again.
  • This also can be a good option for infrequent gamblers.
  • Free play is enabled.
  • No download casinos make online gaming available for Mac users.
  • Thanks to technological developments more games are being added to no download casinos.
  • No downloading could leave a computer less susceptible to a virus.
  • This can be a suitable option for those who may be reluctant to install or download programs, for whatever reason.
  • Playing at a no download casino is easy to play on the move, via a mobile computer. Just the Internet is required.