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Introduction to Slots

The beauty of casino slots is that they are so simple to play and yet they offer entertainment that can last for hours. It is impossible to get bored by this game because there is always a different version to try and the prizes makes the player feel motivated to continue the challenge. Slots are purely about luck so everyone has an equal chance of winning. There are still things you can do to make your games more effective and by learning slots strategy you can enjoy the games better and hopefully see a lucrative outcome.

History of Slots

The first slots machines were pretty much like the ones we see today but they were mechanical and easy to tamper with. The classic slots had three reels and in the beginning there were laws and rules in America that forced the slots producers to make them into vending machines. Till today we see the original symbols of the gums that could be won on the reels of the classic slots. Charles Fey is seen as the originator of slots but during the years the features have been improved by many creative people and companies.

Slots became really popular when they were introduced in the casino environment as a side game for bored wives. Little did they know that this little enjoyment for wives would become everyone’s favorite! In the 80’ies the slots where all electronic but you could still play games with a handle on the side to start the reels spinning. You probably remember the classic view of a winner gathering the coins flowing out of the slots machine in a popcorn carton. Today you will simply get a slip that gets you the money in the casino cashier and in online casinos it all happens automatically.

Rules for Slots

The basic rules for slots are always the same. You make a bet and then start the reels. When the reels come to a standstill the combinations of the pictures on the reels determine how much and if you will win. You typically need to get the same symbols in a row but in what direction can vary a lot. There are also many slots games with special rules where there are particular symbols that can create a winning combination with any other symbols. These special symbols are called Wild symbols. Since every slots game has its own set of rules you always need to check them out before you start, no matter how simple the game might look like.

There are also slots rules that you must learn about when you play progressive slots. Progressive slots have a collective sum of money that you can win for a certain combination. This sum can become millions and players from all over the world compete to win the progressive jackpot. Most slot machines ask for a maximum bet for you to be part of the chase for the progressive jackpot. If you got the right combination with a smaller bet you won’t win so it is crucial to understand this rule!

General Strategy

Online casinos usually offer free slots game and these are your perfect slots strategy for effective gaming. Before you start betting with any real money you should try to play the game for free. Free slots are there to teach you the rules and let you enjoy the game without any risk of losing money. They will also give you good indications of the standard of the casino which can help you decide if you want to stay or try another place.

Casino slots are very much about money so good slots strategy includes a proper budget for your gaming. Decide how much you can spend on your slots each month and stick to your plan. You should also try to save the winnings and not spend it all on new games. A smart way to get more slots gaming for your money is to use special slots bonuses and participate in slots tournaments. Slots tournaments can even be for free and they let you play a lot with the chance to win a nice prize. Sometimes the best slots bonuses are simply free entrance to slots tournaments with big jackpots. Make sure to find out all about it in casino forums before you embark on your slots journey!