Deposit Bonuses

Deposit bonuses are the most popular of the bonus types among online casinos. There are a number of reasons but the primary reason why casinos like offering this type of bonus to player is because of the fact that they are less susceptible to abuse by players. Since the inception of the concept of bonuses at online casinos the deposit bonus type has evolved significantly simple 100% match bonuses to multi-tier bonuses now offered by online casinos. Learn more about deposit bonuses below and find a list of top rated online casinos offering deposit bonuses.

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About deposit bonuses and how they work

Many take the deposit bonuses for granted and expect to get more money when they make a deposit to their casino account. Casinos are well aware of this and do their best to offer the most lucrative deposit bonuses to new and returning players. To get a deposit bonus you simply need to register and make a deposit. Depending on the size of the bonus you will be able to play much longer for the amount of money that you put into your games. This might lead to more winnings as well.

This type of casino promotion is usually expressed in percent. For example, one casino can give you 100% up to $500. This means that you will get an additional $500 when you deposit $500. If you deposit $400 you will get an additional $400 but if you deposit $600 you will still get $500 since this is the maximum amount of the bonus. Every deposit bonus has special rules that are crucial to understand before you say yes to the money. As you get used to playing in online casinos you become more aware of which promotions fit your style of play the best.

Examples of deposit bonuses

The deposit bonus that you can’t miss is the welcome bonus. This bonus gives you extra money to play for when you make your very first deposit in a casino. If you get additional bonuses as you continue to make deposits in the casino they are called re-load bonuses. You can also choose a specific payment method and get a bonus each time you deposit without any limits for how many times you can enjoy the promotion. By depositing with the right method you can enjoy payment method bonuses in most casinos online. The refer-a-friend bonus is also a form of deposit bonus since you are rewarded once your friend has made the first real money deposit.

Pitfalls and things to be cautious of with deposit bonuses

Casino promotions and bonuses are something to make use of but only with the proper knowledge of how they work. First of all you must check if the deposit bonus is given automatically or only per your request. Automatic bonuses can be a bit tricky in case you didn’t want the promotion. Every deposit bonus comes with wagering requirements which means that the money in your player account is locked till you fulfill the preset requirements. Keep this in mind when you accept a bonus and don’t see the money as free money from the casino because it never is. The deposit bonus is only meant to give you more entertainment and when you use it right it sure delivers you just that!