Man Wins Lottery Twice

Published: August 19, 2013

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Winning the lottery is a dream that very few peope accomplish in their lifetime, yet millions of people buy lottery tickets all over the world on a daily basis. This means that there are millions of people waiting for the day when it will be their turn to get lucky and win millions of dollars in a fingersnap. Could you imagine how amazing it would be if you could win the lottery not once, but twice in a lifetime? this is the story of a regular man from Arkansas who won the lottery twice in the same month.

Billy Bealer is a normal man from Pine Bluff, Arkansas in the United States but something out of the ordinary happened to him over the past two weeks. Bealer has accumulated winnings of $1.25 million in only two weeks by winning the lottery twice. How lucky could you get? This is as lucky as anyone could ever dream to get!

On July 29th, Billy Bealer claimed a $250,000 prize from the Natural State Jackpot draw game. To his surprise, on August 13th, only two weeks later, he won a $1 million prize from a $20 instant game, totaling $1.25 million in lottery winning in less than a month. Bealer said that he used the money from his first winning to pay his bills at the time, but that when the second prize came in he decided he will place it in the bank until he decides how to make the best of it.

In an interview Bealer told that he bought the tickets at gas stations in his hometown; the $1 million ticker came from a Shell Food Mart, and the jackpot draw game ticket was bout at Citgo on 28th Street. The $1 million prize is awarded at the $1 Million Riches draw, which still has two $1 million prizes in store for another lucky player.

There are many ways to play the lottery online too and shop for tickets from the comfort of your home. American lotteries can also award prizes to foreign players, you are only required to hold the winning ticket. If playing the lottery is not your cup of tea you can try to wager at any of our listed online casinos, which also have big draws and award millions of dollars in jackpot prizes. What are you waiting for? Go grab them!


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