Italian Man Axes Slot Machines

Published: August 3, 2013

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We always encourage players to enjoy their online casino time, we advice you to pursue online casino gaming for your satisfaction and encourage you to pick what suits your preferences. A lot of players find that online casino games help them relax and have a good time, which is exactly what we expect to achieve. We are happy when our players are successful, and today we are publishing a news article about a man who displayed unwanted gambler behavior, which we strongly recommend our players to avoid.

This week crazy news broke in Italy about a man who took his dedication to slot machines a little bit too seriously. Nure Bregu, a 47 year old man from Fontaniva, Italy, went on a rampage at a local pub and smashed the slot machines with an axe.

Witnesses stated that Bregu was going about his business as anyone else in the bar, when he pulled out an axe and began vigorously smashing the slot machines. Other people at the pub testified that Bregu had lost €5,000 at the pub's slot machines over a 2 week period, a loss which he could not handle. He waslked into the bar trying to conceal his axe, pulled it out when he was in front of the slots, and smashed them.

Bregu then calmly walked outside the pub and waited for the Italian police to arrest him, he pled guilty to carrying a weapon and causing criminal damage on the property. He was sentenced to a six month suspended license and reparation fines. Everyone was glad he did not take his rage out on any of the people at the bar, or the owners.

If you would like to look at the video of the man losing his calm against the slot machines click on the following link:

What do you think? Was Bregu just having a bad day? What would you do if you lost that much money? Did the slot machines deserve it? Of course, we encourage our players to gamble responsibly and to an extent they can afford to avoid situations like the ones this man experienced.


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