VIP and Loyalty Rewards Programs at Online Casinos

Published: November 19, 2011

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What are VIP and reward programs?

Any visitor to an online casino site has surely noticed announcements of customer reward programs, as such attractive incentive plans are now regular features of Internet gaming sites. Online casino VIP and reward programs are schemes that offer benefits and special offers to regular customers of the site. Such plans are also available at online casinos for high rollers offering rewards for loyalty to a particular site. In most cases, reward programs operate on a points system. At some sites, rewards schemes have separate tiers according to different playing levels. Players earn points depending on the amount they play or wager or even according to the games played at a particular time. These points are accumulated and then may be redeemed for casino money. In some instances, additional benefits are available, such as free spins, special promotions or entry to tournaments.

VIP programs can be explained as plans that offer rewards to customers for their loyalty. This can also be viewed as a way of maintaining customers at the site. Even though this can be considered a good tool for customer retention on the part of the casino site, online players can still benefit from such reward programs and VIP status.

Why should I take advantage of any such rewards

It is worthwhile paying attention to casino VIP programs as these rewards and benefits can offer you the chance to make extra casino money. Just by playing you can gather points that may then be exchanged for casino money, free casino credits and in some cases entries to tournaments. As a member of a casino VIP program you may be able to be a part of special promotions. An additional reason to look out for such rewards is that more casino money means higher wagers may be placed and higher wagers can lead to the possibility of greater winnings up for grabs.

Redeem your points for casino credits regularly

As for the points that are accumulated from your online casino play, you may as well redeem them regularly. In some places there is a time limit for the use of points and if you do not use them regularly they may expire. It is highly recommended to check out conditions at the site concerned to make sure that you do not miss out.


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