Three Online Video Poker Games For Newbies

Published: January 13, 2019

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If you are a new player at online casinos and are looking to make a foray in video poker, here are some variants that you can start with. But first, there are two important tips that you should be aware of. Online video poker requires skill in deciding which cards to hold from your dealt hand. You need to acquire this skill. The second tip is that always play any video poker game with the maximum five coins.

Jacks or Better is the basic online video poker variant and you should always start with this. It is played with a standard deck of 52 cards. The lowest paying hand is a pair of jacks or a higher pair. This pays even money. Then you follow the usual poker hand rankings till you reach royal flush. Most online casinos will offer a payout of 4000 coins for five coins wagered for royal flush. The online video poker games at some online casinos offer Auto Hold feature. Winning combinations are automatically held, so that you do not break them inadvertently.

Wild cards are always exciting because they can be used to substitute for any other card. Deuces Wild is the most popular wild card online video poker variant. There are no jokers in the pack but all the twos can act as wild cards as well. New players may get an impression that winning combination will come more easily because of this. However such is not the case. The payout table has been tweaked to start with three of a kind. Five of a kind and wild royal flush hand rankings have been introduced because of the wild cards. The optimum strategy for jacks or better has to be modified to factor in the effect of wild cards.

If you favour more volatile online casino games then Bonus Poker is a video poker variant that you should start with. It works like Jacks or Better for the most part. In Bonus Poker the four of a kind hand ranking is split into different paylines. Four aces pay 400 and four 2s to 4s pay 200 per five coins wagered. The other four of a kind hands pay 125 coins, as in Jacks or Better is 125. These changes would result in the average return to the player exceeding 100%. So the payouts of certain more frequently occurring hand rankings are reduced. This creates high volatility.


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