Depositing and Withdrawing at Casinos

Published: November 17, 2011

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Credit card depositing and issues that you may encounter

Making a deposit via credit card is probably one of the fastest methods for transferring funds to an online gaming site. However, it should be taken into consideration that you may encounter problems with this payment option at an online casino site. Due to legislation in some countries or areas, some banks refuse credit card purchases that are connected to an online gaming site. When a credit card payment is allowed, in some cases a fee may be charged by the credit card company, as a deposit may be considered as a cash advance. In addition, limits are usually placed by the credit card company on amounts that may be deposited or withdrawn from a casino site.

Alternative deposit options to credit cards at online casinos

Due to various issues with credit card payments at online casinos and also the requirements of clients, there are alternatives to credit cards at online gaming sites. In order to facilitate online casino deposits and to meet with the varying needs of customers from different places around the world, a range of deposit options are today available at many online casinos. An alternative that has become very popular at online casinos is the e-wallet system that enables users to make electronic transactions quickly and safely. Examples of e-wallets that are accepted at many online gaming sites are Click2Pay, Neteller and ewalletexpress. Additional deposit options include various types of online accounts and online debit cards.

Making withdrawals from online casinos and options available

When settling upon a deposit option, it is advisable to give some thought to making withdrawals using the same method, as some sites stipulate that withdrawals are made using the same method by which funds were deposited in the first place. Various methods of withdrawal are available at different sites and the use of some options depends on the country of residence. This in itself is not a disadvantage but it does need to be taken into consideration before deciding upon a deposit option. It is worthwhile noting that there is usually a waiting period before withdrawing funds and in some cases this may be as short as 24 hours. Many casinos offer customer service in the form of a free live help service that can be useful in this regard.

The subject of withdrawals is an issue that needs to be looked into and it is highly recommended to look into this matter before beginning to play, in order to avoid possible disappointment or difficulty in withdrawing funds. As to the options available, credit cards can be used in some cases but usually only in the amount that was originally deposited. Other popular alternatives to credit card include Click2Pay, Usemywallet, Instadebit, Moneybookers, Neteller, bank draft and check.

Being patient and waiting for withdrawals by check

A possible withdrawal option from online casino sites is a traditional check. Please note that there is usually a minimum withdrawal amount and often limits of the frequency of check withdrawals. However, it should also be taken into consideration that waiting for a check by mail can take a long time, even three to four weeks, while at some casinos this process can take a maximum of 10 days. Although waiting for a check to arrive requires patience, this is considered a secure method, especially for those who prefer not to involve the use of personal financial details over the Internet.

How to deal with bounced checks from online casinos

Although the receipt of a check is a simple withdrawal method, sometimes checks issued by online casinos may bounce, that is they are not cleared by the bank. This seemingly occurs due to insufficient funds to cover the amount in the account at the processing bank. When depositing a check from an online casino, it is important to wait until the check has been cleared before spending the money. In the event that the check does indeed bounce, it is necessary to contact the online casino concerned in order for them to issue an alternative check or to transfer the funds via a different method.


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