Understanding The Basics Of Blackjack Redeal

Published: July 16, 2017

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Microgaming European Blackjack Redeal Gold Series is a long name but each word stands for something. Microgaming is the software provider that has developed this game. European Blackjack implies that the game is based on the European no hole card variant. Gold Series indicates that the casino setting on the screen will be elegant like a luxury land casino. “Redeal” is the critical word. In this online blackjack variant you can redeal cards subject to certain conditions.

Blackjack Redeal is played with two standard decks. Since it is a no hole card game, the dealer is not dealt a second card and cannot check for blackjack upfront when the face up card is an ace or a ten value card. What this implies is that you will split or double with the full knowledge that the dealer may end up with a blackjack. The dealer stands on all 17 and the insurance bet is not offered. The detailed rules for the split and double moves can be accessed in the usual Microgaming manner by moving the cursor over the Games Rules icon on the screen.

You can exercise a redeal option up to a maximum of five times per hand. Redeal My Hand option removes all the cards dealt to the player and deals the two pocket cards again. Redeal Last Card option removes the last card dealt to the player and deals another one. Redeal Dealer Hand option redeals all dealer cards. If you bust then the Redeal Dealer Hand option is not available. But the other two options are available even after you bust. If you are dealt a blackjack or reach a hand value of 21 there is no redeal option available, but none would be exercised in any event. You also lose all redeal options if you split or double. Each redeal option displays the redeal cost. You will have to pay this cost, but the payouts will remain the same. The costs of these redeals are less than the player’s ante wager.

The game play for Blackjack Redeal is as follows. As soon as the initial cards are dealt you have the option to redeal your hand or redeal the dealer’s hand. After you make your first hit the option to redeal your last card is added. Blackjack Redeal is live at all Microgaming online casinos like 32Red, Lucky Nugget and All Slots.


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