Types of Slot Machine Tournaments

Published: August 3, 2013

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Slot machine tournaments are becoming very popular and if you have not been playing you are truly missing on a big chance to make a lot of money and have a lot of fun, all at the same time. In this article we will write an introduction to slot tournaments by describing the types of tournaments you will find at online casinos.

When you log into your favorite online casino and head to the tournaments tab on the lobby, you will often run into three main options:

Sit and Go Tournaments: These tournaments require you to sign up and wait until the minimum number of players required for the tournament fills up so you can start playing. Sit and Gos have high demand, so the wait shold not be too long. You can play these tournaments at any time during the day as there are always players looking for action, and they are similar to sit and go online poker tournament.

Sit and Gos are open to any players with an account at the online casino, and they are often open to players within the same network of casinos (for example, if you are playing at a Microgaming casino, you might run into players from different casinos in the Microgaming network). These tournaments are a perfect option for players who like to log in and start playing right away.

Private Tournaments: Some online casinos offer private tournaments, which means these tournaments are only offered exclusively for players of one casino. Other players within the same online casino network cannot access these tournaments. You would like these tournaments if you don't enjoy playing with completely unknown players.

Scheduled Tournaments: These tournaments start at a scheduled time, and you can find one every day of the week at any time. Players need to pre-register for these tournaments and then log back in at the time when the tournament is set to start. These tournaments also run for entire online casino networks that offer tournaments, so the variety of players you will run into is exciting and will make you a more competitive player. These tournaments are a good option for those with busy schedules who want to squeeze in some fun to their day at a specific time.

Now you understand the types of slot machine tournaments available at online casinos. Don't worry if you are still feeling lost, we will expand our list of slot machine guides and thoroughly explain how to play these tournaments, and what strategy tips can guarantee that you make it to the top of the leaderboard. Good luck at the tables!


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