Try Online Slot Wealth Spa For Interactive Bonus

Published: June 27, 2014

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Sometimes software developers create online slots with exciting themes, great audio visuals and innovative gaming features, but the slot machines fail to click. It is difficult to ascribe any reason for this, except perhaps that they were ahead of the times. The only thing online casinos can then do is to try and generate interest in these slot games at some later time. One such online slot is Wealth Spa from Microgaming. This article highlights the features of this fantastic game in the hope that newer players will take it up.

In slots games players like to visit environments they cannot go to in real life. A posh spa is beyond the reach of most players and hence Wealth Spa slot game should have been an instant attraction. The colors and the background music are soft so as to create an atmosphere of relaxation. The symbols depict the services that the spa offers such as bath, massage, sauna and swimming pool. The other symbols include gown, herbs, hot stones, salads and fruits. The Wealth Spa logo is the wild symbol and the Gold Card is the scatter symbol. The main symbols are crafted in detail and show humorous animations like a fat lady depositing her dog at the reception in exchange for spa clothes.

There are very few online slots with interactive bonus features where you can actually take decisions to be in control of the game. Wealth Spa has such a bonus feature and this is one of the reasons why it was expected to be popular. The bonus feature trigger is innovative. You collect a token when it appears in the central spot of reel 5. You have to spend tokens collected to buy a bonus feature. There are five such features costing from one token to five tokens. Obviously, the costlier bonus feature yields greater rewards. Therefore, you have to balance between cashing fewer tokens for immediate gains and waiting for more tokens so that you can play a more lucrative bonus game. The bonus features are based on spa activities and in order of increasing cost are Smoothie Bonus, Hot Stones Bonus, Body Wax Bonus, Bath Oil Bonus and Massage Bonus. If you accumulate five tokens, Massage Bonus is automatically triggered. You choose the body spots you want massaged and will be awarded a random number of free spins for each selection. The free spins are played out with a separate payout table, which is more generous.

Next time you are at a Microgaming online casino give Wealth Spa a try and you may well be surprised.


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