Three Tips For Microgaming Jacks Or Better

Published: December 9, 2017

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Jacks or Better is the most popular of online video poker variants. It is included in the portfolios of all the leading software providers. Microgaming offers Jacks or Better with an attractive visual layout, an average return of over 99% and helpful features. Online video poker games require a high degree of skill. As a new player you probably would not have acquired the required skill. However, if you follow the tips given below you will do pretty well.

Tip 1: Always Play Five Coins

In Microgaming Jacks or Better you have the option of betting from 1 to 5 coins. You have to go for 5 coins. The payout for Royal Flush with 1 coin is 250. The payouts for 2 coins, 3 coins and 4 coins increase in proportion. But the payout with 5 coins is 4,000, which is much more than 5x. If you wager less than five coins you lose out on this advantage. If you feel that your bankroll is being stretched by wagering 5 coins, reduce the coin denomination but not the number of coins.

Tip 2: Enable Auto Hold

After you are dealt the first five cards in Jacks or Better, you have to decide which cards to hold. The remaining cards will be replaced. This is where the skill comes in. If you do not hold on to the correct cards, the chances of your ending up with a winning hand will reduce considerably and you will lose money in the long run. Microgaming includes a feature called Auto Hold in its Jacks or Better video poker. It automatically retains the correct cards. So you will never make a mistake. Usually this feature will be enabled by default. If it is not, you can activate it from the Options button.

Tip 3: Avoid Double Option

After any winning game you are given the Double option. You can stake the amount won in a double or nothing contest. If you pick a higher card than the dealer’s your staked amount is doubled. Otherwise you lose the staked amount. You can repeat the Double option a number of times. The sweetener offered with the Double option is that it has zero house edge. The online casino does not receive any cut from the wager. This may tempt the new player from exercising the Double option. The material fact is that you have only 50% chance of winning and it it does not make sense to risk your hard earned money this way.


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