Three Online Gambling New Year Resolutions

Published: January 1, 2019

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Whether or not you make New Year resolutions in your general living, it is important to make these for your online gambling activity. If you already follow safe and secure practices then it is time to reaffirm the same. Otherwise you must realise that these online gambling resolutions need to be taken seriously.

Resolution 1: Wager at only licensed and regulated sites

You must play at only those online casinos that hold a valid license from a reputed regulatory authority. In the course of your Internet surfing you will come across unlicensed casinos that make tall claims. Most likely they will run away with your deposits and you will have no recourse. Licensed casinos are vetted periodically to make sure that player friendly practices are in place. Countries that have nationalised online gambling regimes create government controlled regulatory authorities like the United Kingdom Gambling Commission. Malta Gaming Authority and Government of Gibraltar are other reputed gaming regulators.

Resolution 2: Treat online gambling as entertainment

You should treat online casino gaming as an activity to be enjoyed. It should never be treated as a means of generating a living. When you play gambling games like poker, you are competing against other players. If you are better than them you will mostly win and if your opponents are better than you will mostly lose. However, in online casino gambling the odds are marginally stacked in favour of the house. You have to be extremely lucky to make money on a consistent basis. And luck is fickle. It can desert you any time. So, if you want to splurge on a big holiday then work harder and save more. If you want to unwind after a hard day’s work then head to your online casino.

Resolution 3: Check for problem gambling regularly

Even if you are in the best of health you do undergo routine medical check-ups at required intervals. The same practice needs to be followed for online gambling. Some players may be prone to an affliction known as problem gambling or compulsive gambling. It is like alcohol addiction. They just cannot stop gambling. Fortunately there are check lists available that can warn you well in advance if you have this tendency of problem gambling. The best online casinos post this check list in their Responsible Gambling section. You should go through this at least every six months. The idea is to alert you if you are spending more time or money on gambling, if you are chasing losses or if you are gambling in a way that you should not be.


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