The Bonus Bet In Cryptologic Online Slots

Published: April 25, 2013

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It is an accepted fact that people pay a higher price for a more value added product. It applies to a suite in a hotel instead of a normal room and to business class tickets in an airplane instead of economy class. The software provider Cryptologic introduced this concept in its online slots when it launched the DC Comics superhero series with Batman. This concept was introduced through a feature called the Bonus Bet. All subsequent online slots in this series carry the Bonus Bet. This feature works in a similar manner in all these branded slot machines. This article uses Batman as an example to illustrate the functioning of the Cryptologic Bonus Bet.

Batman is a 50 payline online slot game, in which players have to wager one coin per payline. Therefore the maximum number of coins wagered per spin would be 50. However that is before activating the Bonus Bet feature. The Bonus Bet increases the number of coins wagered by 10 to 60. It must be noted that the Bonus Bet button automatically enables all paylines. The coin denomination can be selected by the player from the options offered. Therefore activating the Bonus Bet costs the player the value of 10 coins, which ranges from $0.10 to $200. The Batman slot game offers the player extra benefits for this additional cost. The online slot features a bonus game on the second screen called The Descent into Madness. This bonus game is accessible only to those players who have activated the Bonus Bet. In this bonus game the player has to capture the Joker. If the player succeeds he will win 100 times the triggering bet. Even if the player does not capture the Joker, he still receives attractive payouts. Other DC Comics superhero slot games offer their own bonus games.

Some cautionary points need to be highlighted about this Bonus Bet in Cryptologic DC Comics online slots. Activating the Bonus Bet does not guarantee that the player will get to play on the bonus game. The additional condition of getting three or more scatter symbols left to right has to be met as well. If this condition is not fulfilled the bonus feature will not trigger even if the Bonus Bet has been activated. Even if the bonus feature is triggered there is no guarantee that the player will win the maximum payout. Fulfilling both these conditions is a matter of chance. Therefore the player has to take a considered decision before activating the Bonus Bet.

Activating the Bonus Bet offers another advantage to the player. An additional wild symbol is randomly added to reels 2, 3 and 4. With an extra wild symbol the player’s chance of getting a winning combination increases and as a result the player can expect greater payouts. It must again be clarified that there is no guarantee for the additional wild symbol to appear on the reels. There is another aspect that players need to factor in before taking up call on the Bonus Bet. Normally the scatter payouts are multiplied by the total bet. However, in these Cryptologic slot games the additional 10 coins wagered are not considered in the total bet for the purposes of computing scatter payouts. The Cryptologic DC Comics branded slots have been live for a long time now and it has been experienced that over the long run activating the Bonus Bet does pay dividends.


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