The Best Land Casino Slots

Published: August 14, 2018

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If you land up at a Las Vegas casino, you will find many of the online slots in the slots arcades there. But it would be a waste of time playing the games that you can play from home. So here are three of the best land casino slots that you should not miss. All of them are branded slots.

The Walking Dead is based on the zombie television series that was first aired in 2010. The slot machine has the 5 reels and 4 rows structure. There is enough gore in the artwork to satisfy the diehard zombie fans. The high paying symbols feature popular characters from the TV show and original video clips. There are plenty of gaming features. In the Reel Growth feature, the last four reels of the slot machine may randomly grow up to 7 rows with wilds being randomly placed in the enhanced reels. In the Atlanta Wheel Bonus you can win credits, progressive jackpots or bonus features like Escape from Atlanta free spins. The Walking Dead offers a multi-level progressive jackpot. The highest level starts at $500,000 but requires play with maximum bet.

Who does not want to own a Harley Davidson motorcycle? Till you get one, you can make do with the Harley Davidson branded land casino slot machine. It includes the full range of motorcycle sounds like tires burning the tar and gear changes. The high payout symbols are a biker’s delight. They are five classic Harley Davidson motorcycles. The legendary Harley Davidson logo is a stacked wild symbol. The bonus features are triggered by landing two bonus symbols alongside the appropriate wheel. The free spins feature comes in three levels: Mini, Maxi and Mega. The higher level awards more free spins with bigger multipliers. In the Wheel Bonus, you spin a wheel to win bonus credits including a jackpot.

American Idol is one of the most popular reality shows and American Idol Superstar slot machine draws high traffic. The slot game includes three features, one with each of the judges - Steven Tyler, Randy Jackson and Jennifer Lopez. The best part about this slot machine is that it updated regularly to include the latest season's content. There are other gaming features as well. The Rapid Reload is a respins feature. The highlight is the Superstar bonus, which is randomly triggered. You have to vote for your favourite contestant using the smartphone on the screen and win bonuses. If your contestant wins, then you advance to the next round.


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