The Basics Of Multi Hand Video Poker Explained

Published: October 21, 2017

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Online casinos offer both single hand and multi hand video poker games. The multi hand online video poker games can play up to 100 hands at a time. New video poker players should begin with the single hand games, but expert players should definitely have the multi hand games on their range. Multi hand online video poker increases the speed of the game play and therefore you can get more deals in a given time. Moreover, multi hand video poker games have higher volatility and attract players who are willing to take bigger risks. Different online casino software providers have different ways of accessing multi hand video poker games. Some of them offer separate titles for video poker games with different number of hands. Other online casino software providers allow you to choose the number of hands from within the game.

After selected the number of hands, you select the number of coins to be wagered and the coin size. In multi hand video poker games, you should also play with the maximum five coins for getting the highest average returns. The total bet amount is the product of the coin size, the number of coins and the number of hands. Five cards are first dealt in the large playing area. You select the cards that you want to hold. These cards are then transferred face up to the corresponding positions in all the hands. When you click the Draw button the remaining cards in the main hand are replaced and cards are dealt to the remaining positions in the other hands. Each hand is played with a separate full deck. Finally each hand is independently compared with the payout table and the amounts won credited to your account.

The discerning player will realise that if the first hand is strong then all the hands will be strong. If there is a winning hand ranking in the dealt hand there will be a winning hand ranking in all the hands and the payout will be huge. However, if the dealt hand is weak, then the likelihood of a payout also decreases in the other hands. This makes multi hand online video poker volatile. And the volatility increases with the number of hands.

The double option is available in multi hand video poker as well. You can exercise it to tray and double the payout won at zero house edge. However if you guess wrong then you will lose the original payout. A good strategy is to use the double option when the amount won is less than the amount bet, but not otherwise.


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