Scientific Evidence that Online Casinos are Good for You

Published: December 22, 2013

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We did some research and came across evidence from psychologists and behavioral experts suggesting that there are many benefits that online casino gambling can bring to your life. In case you have been wondering if you are on the right track, keep on reading to find out many good things that playing at your favorite online casino can give to you, in addition to all the fun and free cash you have been pocketing.

The first thing you should know is that many psychologists agree that gambling is an excellent distracting task. If you need a moment to yourself and let go of all your daily stress and boggling tasks, online casino gambling provides a great option for you to be able to do that as it offers instant entertainment and focuses your mind on a different task that is much more fun.

The main reason given for this is that while you engage in online casino games, such as slot machines, roulette, and poker, your active attention becomes engaged. Online casino gambling requires cognitive activity from the gambler, and this can only be given at an individual level. If you have been looking for something to engage you and develop motor skills in your brain, online casino might be the right answer. Additionally, online casino games give the player a sense of achievement considering that some games involve a degree of skill and present a healthy form of difficulty.

To our own amazement we also found out that casino games can be a temporary pain threshold. Many studies prove that cognitive and attentional distraction can block the perception of pain in our brains. This is because the attention that you would usually devote to pain perception is consumed by gaming (video games also apply to this) and therefore you suffer less. Incredibly, we found out that the dissociative state of mind that gamblers and gamers achieve is also considered a form of altered state of consciousness, such as that achieved through meditation and prayer.

Finally, the sense of anonymity that online casino gambling can provide increases feelings of psychological comfort. This is very logical considering that we live in the era of excessive sharing of information through social media and other medium. The fact that there is no face to face interaction results in a comfortable disattachment from people's sense of judgment and disapproval.

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