Rival Gaming Three Reels Slots

Published: June 11, 2016

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Of late it has become fashionable to develop video slots using the classic slots symbols like 7s, bars and cherries. But since a long time, Rival Gaming has been creating three reels slots with the thematic, gaming and visual quality of video slots. These can be played at Bovada online casino, which caters to players from the United States.

Heroes’ Realm is one of the best titles of this type. Like most video slots, it begins with an introductory clip that depicts the male and female medieval heroes fighting with a horde of skeletons. The visual background setting is of a castle that is the heroes’ realm. Structurally the slot machine has three reels with a single payline. The symbols on the reels are thematic and include sword, battle axe, daggers, shield, flail, war hammer, magic vial and treasure chest. The last two symbols exhibit win animations, which is rare in three reels slots. The vial stopper opens and a purple coloured vapour is released. The treasure chest reveals precious stones. Most symbols have to appear on all reels to deliver payouts, but there are exceptions. The battle axe also pays when two are aligned from left to right. The treasure chest acts as the scatter symbol and pays when one or more appear anywhere on the reels. A special combination is dagger on the first reel, shield on the second reel and magic vial on the third reel. Heroes’ Realm includes both a free spins feature and a bonus game on the second screen. Two crossed knives symbols award 10 free spins and three such symbols award 50 free spins. In the bonus game on the second screen you first select either the male or the female hero. The second screen takes you to the castle courtyard where five enemies are hiding. You have to spot them and initiate a battle between them and the hero. You will be awarded random credits for each enemy killed.

Surf Paradise is a Rival Gaming classic slot that is quite popular in the summer. The pastel coloured scene of the blue sea waves creates a cooling effect. The highest paying symbols are surf and palm tree, which also pay in mixed combinations. The surf board pays out even if one or two appear in the single payline. Surf Paradise uses the classic single bar, double bar and triple bar symbols, but are crafted in bright colours. The win animations take place outside the reels. With palm tree wins the screen gets covered with foliage. With surf board wins a surfer runs across the screen.


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