Rival Gaming Online I-Slots

Published: June 2, 2012

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Every software provider has developed a niche sub category in its online slots offering. For Rival Gaming this niche is the i-slot, which is an abbreviated form for interactive slot. The defining feature in the i-slot is the bonus game on the second screen. In normal online slot games whenever the bonus game is triggered, the same bonus game is played again and again. This does not happen in Rival Gaming i-slots. These slots have a sequence of different bonus games that appear in turn.

There are two types of i-slots. The most popular ones are those that take the player through a narrative. Different bonus games appear at different stages of the narrative and propel the story forward. One of the most popular Rival Gaming i-slots is Reel Crime: Art Heist. I-slots introduce the story, usually through a video clip. In Art Heist Remy and Raoul are art thieves. Players have to assist them over five steps, which are selecting the painting, gathering the tools, eluding the police, finding a buyer and managing the sale without being caught. These steps take place in five successive bonus rounds. In the end, if the player navigates all of them successfully the art thieves reach Jamaica with their ill-gotten gains; otherwise they end up in jail. Another feature of the Rival Gaming i-slot is the game map. This shows the unfolding of the narrative with the location of the different bonus games.

Another i-slot of this type is Spy Game. This is based on a James Bond kind of mission to blow up enemy strongholds and make a getaway. Spy Game has only three bonus games in its sequence but each one is triggered by a different set of symbols. One of the latest Rival Gaming i-slots is Sherwood Forest Fortunes, which is based on the legend of Robin Hood. The game map shows the various stages like Tax Collection, Stealing from the Rich and Arrest Warrant.

The second type of i-slot is the one in which the bonus game requires an element of skill. There is no narrative as in the case of Art Heist or Spy Game. Hole in Won is the perfect example of this kind of i-slot. It has a golf theme and the sequence of bonus games takes players through the nine holes of a mini golf course. At each hole, players have to hit the ball and try and put it in the hole with as few strokes as possible. By suitably locating the cursor on the screen players can adjust the direction and power of the stroke. The fewer the strokes taken, the more bonus credits the players earn. A complete golf score card is maintained over the nine holes. Because of the popularity of this i-slot, Rival Gaming released another golf themed game titled The Back Nine.

A simpler interactive bonus game is in the i-slot Wild Safari. Players have to capture various wild animals on camera. The animals move around and therefore players have to be quick to focus and click. There are three different locations where the animals can be found and players can choose the one they like. In a similar scenario in Cosmic Quest Mission Control players have to blast asteroids.


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