Quick Quads Video Poker At Land Casinos

Published: September 13, 2018

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Video poker is not an exclusive online phenomenon. Land casinos also offer video poker machines. You will usually find them in the section of the casino that houses the slot machines. They are played in similar consoles with one player to a machine. Land casinos offer all the usual online video poker variants. But you will find many video poker machines that are not available online. One such series of video poker games is referred to as Quick Quads. This article explains how these games are different.

Quad is another name for a four of a kind hand poker hand ranking. A five-card hand that hasS6, H6, D6, C6 and H8 is called a quad of sixes. A Quick Quad is actually not a true four of a kind hand but a deemed four of a kind hand. It has three cards of the same rank with the ranks of the other two cards adding up to the rank of the three of a kind card. Such hands do not pay as three of a kind but award the higher payout of four of a kind. An example of a Quick Quad is S5, H5, D5, C2 and H3.

Online video poker games specify certain rules about forming Quick Quads. An ace will be valued at one point. The picture cards of jacks, queens and kings do not have any points. Therefore these cards cannot contribute to a Quick Quad, either as three of a kind or in the remaining two cards. Hence a hand with SJ, HJ, CJ, H6 and S4 is not a Quick Quad because jacks are not valued at 10. Also you cannot have a Quick Quad with a trio of aces because the sum of two card rankings cannot be 1. You can only have Quick Quads from twos to tens.

Quick Quads video poker pays at the four of a kind multipliers for certain three of a kind hands. This would raise the average return to over 100% and make Quick Quads unviable. Therefore compensation is needed. You have to bet six coins and are paid for five coins in order to activate the Quick Quads facility. Land casinos will very likely have the same Quick Quads video poker variants with different payout tables. Check some out and make sure that you play the table that gives the best returns. The following video poker variants are available as Quick Quads games: Jacks or Better, Bonus Poker, Double Bonus and Double Double Bonus.


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