Progressive Jackpot Online Slot Games

Published: February 14, 2012

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Most of the slots games offer fixed payouts for winning combinations as indicated in the payout table. These payouts do not change with time. But there are the progressive jackpot online slots in which the top payout increases continuously. A portion of every wager on the progressive slot game adds to the jackpot amount. When the progressive slot game is “hit” the amount standing in the jackpot is paid to the lucky winner and the jackpot amount falls to its reset value.

There are many ways in which progressive jackpots can be classified, but the most common way is according to how they are hit. Most progressive jackpot online slot games are hit when specified symbol appears in an active payline across each of the reels. Usually this symbol is an important symbol like the wild symbol, but not necessarily so. In some progressive slots the combination can appear in any payline for the progressive jackpot to be hit. In other games the combination has to appear on the highest payline. This kind of progressive jackpot online slot game requires that the players wager a constant amount on each spin. This can be achieved by fixing all the betting parameters. In some progressive jackpot online slot games the line bet is fixed by default, but players have a choice in activating the paylines. However, if they wager without activating all the paylines then they will not be eligible for the progressive jackpot. Some progressive jackpot slots pay out in thousands, others pay out in millions. Playtech Beach Life and Cryptologic Millionaires Club are examples of this type of progressive jackpot slot game.

In the other type of progressive slot game the jackpot is triggered randomly. There is no need to get any alignment of specified symbols on the reels. After any spin the slot game can simply announce that the progressive jackpot has been hit. In this type of jackpot it is not a requirement that the players wager the maximum possible amount per spin. However, the larger is the wager, the greater will be the chance of generating a hit. Usually the payouts from randomly triggered progressive jackpots are comparatively small. But these jackpots hit very frequently often several times a day. Examples of these progressive jackpots are the Real Series slots from Realtime Gaming and the Rapid Fire slots from Cryptologic.

There is a special type of randomly triggered progressive jackpot completely different from the type above. It is a multi level progressive jackpot with a number of similar slot games networked to it. What this means is the jackpot can be hit by wagering on any of the slot games attached to the jackpot. When this happens the ticker is reset on all the slot games. The progressive jackpot is hit through a bonus game which is triggered randomly. Once the bonus game is triggered the player is assured of hitting one of the jackpot levels. Which jackpot is hit is crucial because the amounts in the different levels vary from hundreds to millions. Mega Moolah from Microgaming has a Wheel of Fortune type bonus game. The jackpot has four levels and the wheel has bands in four different colors, each color corresponding to one jackpot level. The color of the band next to the indicator when the wheel stops decides which jackpot level is hit.


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