Playtech Scratch Cards Based on Online Slots

Published: May 10, 2012

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The leading online casino software provider Playtech has found a unique way to add value to its scratch cards. All the scratch cards released of late have been based on its most popular online slots. In this way the brand equity of the slot machine rubs of on the scratch card. In most cases the scratch card was released after the online slot game. But in the case of the branded slot Monty Python's Spamalot, the Spamalot scratch card was released first, as a trailer to the slot game.

There are over 15 such scratch cards in the Playtech portfolio and new ones are being added. They cover all kinds of Playtech online slots. Scratch cards based on branded Marvel Movie super hero slots include Elektra Scratch, Iron Man 2 Scratch and Blade Scratch. Scratch cards based on other Playtech branded slots include The Mummy Scratch, Kong Scratch and Top Trumps Celebs Scratch. Scratch cards based on regular Playtech slot games include A Night Out Scratch and Easter Surprise Scratch.

The commonality between the scratch card and the online slot game is created through shared graphics and symbols. The same styling is used in both games. A Night Out scratch card uses the same three girls out to have fun and the same cocktails. The latest Playtech scratch cards have animations in the symbols if there is a payout. And the animation is identical to that in the online slot game. When the Spamalot Scratch was released ahead of the slot game, the animation of the Lady of the Lake losing her garment became such a rage that it raised the expectation sky high for the slot game.

The online slot based Playtech scratch cards have different structures. In one structure, when the scratch card is activated the prize symbol is revealed along with a payout value. The payout value is randomly selected from a given range that depends on the wagered amount. The scratch card has six spaces each of which hides a symbol. The scratch card can be manually scratched one at a time or automatically using the Scratch All option. If any of the symbols revealed on the scratch card matches with the prize symbol then the indicated payout is won by the player. Kong Scratch and Spamalot Scratch are of this type.

In some other Playtech scratch cards the card has nine spaces in the form of a 3x3 matrix. The symbols used have fixed given payout ratios, which are depicted outside the scratch card. When the card is scratched if it reveals three identical symbols then the player's bet is multiplied by the ratio attached to that symbol. A Night Out is a scratch card of this type. Iron Man 2 Scratch is a variation of this. When the game is activated a random payout is indicated and the reactor symbol has to appear horizontally, vertically or diagonally in the 3x3 matrix. The other symbols are redundant. Rocky Scratch is unique. The scratch card reveals three opponents of Rocky from the movie series. The player picks one of them. A video of a bout between the opponent and Rocky is shown. If Rocky delivers a knock out then the player wins the indicated payout.

All these slots based scratch cards can be played at Playtech online casinos like Omni Casino and Mansion Casino.


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