Playtech Online Tequila Poker

Published: June 8, 2012

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Tequila Poker is classified under Table & Card Games at Playtech online casinos. It is based on poker hand rankings in part, but is considerably different from the run off the mill poker games and that is why it draws traffic.

Like most online casino poker games, Tequila Poker is played with a single standard card deck. The player first places the ante wager in the Ante circle on the layout on the screen. When the deal button is clicked, four cards are dealt face up. Based on these cards the player must decide whether to play High Tequila or Tequila Poker. The player can also fold and lose the ante wager. If the player decides to play on, then a main bet equal to the ante wager will automatically be placed in the Bet circle. Simultaneously two more cards will be dealt face up. Depending on the game chosen by the player the best five cards hand is automatically selected by the software.

In High Tequila the player wins if the hand value of the final hand is 46 or more. The individual cards are valued in a way similar to blackjack. The number cards are valued at their face value, the picture cards are valued at 10, but the ace is always counted as 11. The lowest card is automatically excluded from the final hand and the sum of the individual card values is the hand value. If the hand value is less than 46 then both the ante wager and the main wager lose. If the hand value is 46 or more then the ante wager pays even money and the main wager pays according to the given payout table. A hand value of 46 pays even money on the main wager and the highest hand value of 54 pays 200 to 1 on the main wager.

In Tequila Poker, the highest ranking five-card poker hand is automatically made. The player wins if the poker hand has at least a pair of aces. If the hand is of a lower ranking than this then the player loses both bets. As in High Tequila, in the case of a winning hand the ante wager pays even money and the main wager pays according to the payout table. The payout starts with even money for a pair of aces and goes up to 200 to 1 for a royal flush.

The strategy in Playtech Tequila Poker revolves around deciding whether to fold or play and if the latter then which game. If the player wants to maximize his return then he must use optimum strategy. This strategy is devised through computer simulation and is difficult to master. For new players a basic Tequila Poker strategy should be sufficient. The basic strategy works as follows. If the first four cards dealt show any pair or four cards to any flush or straight the player should choose to play the Tequila Poker game. If the total of the highest three cards is 28 or more then the player should choose to play the High Tequila game. If both conditions are met the player can select any option. If neither of the conditions is met the player should fold. Tequila Poker can be played at all Playtech online casinos like Mansion Casino and Omni Casino.


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