Playtech Derby Day Virtual Racing

Published: June 13, 2012

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Virtual racing games are fixed odds games offered by some software providers. They simulate software generated races, usually of horses. Each horse is assigned a probability of winning and the winner of the race is determined randomly, but based on the probability. The horse with a higher probability is more likely to win, but is not guaranteed to do so. Odds are offered for each horse winning. As in real horse racing, the horses that are more likely to win have shorter odds. In virtual racing the probabilities are not revealed but can be guessed based on the odds. A wide range of bets is offered, that again reflects the situation in real horse racing. If the bet wins then the payouts are made in accordance with the odds.

Playtech offers one of the best virtual horse racing games. It is titled Derby Day and is located under Sports & Virtual Games in the Arcade Games section at Playtech online casinos. Features have been incorporated in Derby Day to make the game as realistic as possible. The track conditions and weather forecast is provided. Each of the contenders is rated. The wins versus races run ratios of the horse, jockey and trainer are given. The placing in the last six races for the horse and the jockey are given. An expert opinion on the horse is also provided. The information on two contenders can be seen simultaneously for comparison purposes. The race display has background cheering. A slow motion replay is run after the race. During the race an overhead view is available in an inset.

Five types of bets are offered. The player must first select the type of bet. This will open the betting card. The player will be required to mark the chosen horse or the combination of horses. The odds will then be displayed. He will then have to select the bet amount. The possible win amount based on the odds offered will be displayed. The player can cancel his selection or can confirm it. After he confirms the selection he should click the Race button to initiate the race. The total amount bet and won is displayed after the race. By clicking on the Winnings button the player can access the detailed computation of the amount won. This is very useful if multiple bets have been placed on the race.

Playtech Derby Day offers five different types of bets. In the Winner bet the player has to select a horse to win the race. Several horses can be selected simultaneously, but only one bet will win. In the Exacta bet the player has to select the horses that will come first and second in order. Only one selection can be wagered on. The Place bet will win if the selected horse comes either first or second. Multiple bets are allowed. The Show bet will win if the selected horse comes first, second or third. Multiple bets are allowed. Pick IV-V is the most challenging bet of all. The payouts are therefore the highest. Players have to select four or five horses according to the finishing place. Only one selection is allowed.

Derby Day virtual racing can be played at Playtech online casinos like Omni Casino, Mansion Casino and William Hill.


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