Optimum Strategy Tools In Online Casino Games

Published: September 11, 2018

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Online casinos offer some very interesting games categories that are based on both skill and luck. Some of the more common ones are blackjack, video poker and casino poker. In order to maximise the high average returns that these games offer, you need to play with optimum strategy. This means that you must make the correct decisions, which are the decisions that will maximise your chance of winning. You will not always win even with optimum strategy. This article examines some of the issues related to this important topic.

All online casino players, especially novice players, will not be familiar with optimum strategy in relation to the skill based games cited above. Such players avoid these games for fear of losing money. The best online casinos attract players to these games by offering aids that will help them play using optimum strategy. Some examples are cited below.

Blackjack: Strategy cards are provided that indicate the correct player move for all situations encountered.

Video poker: The Auto Hold feature indicates the correct cards that the player should hold.

Pai Gow Poker: The House Way indicates the correct way to create the two hands from the seven cards.

A natural question here is why online casinos offer such aids that help player performance. Even with optimum strategy, the average returns on online casino games are less than 100%. Online casinos will make money in the long run even if players employ optimum strategy. By providing these aids, online casinos encourage players to wager on games like blackjack and video poker. The simple rule is that the more the players wager the money the online casinos make.

The players’ perspective also needs to be considered. By using these aids the players will make the correct decisions. When luck is with them players will win and when luck is against them players will lose. The problem with these tools is that they take the fun out of online casino gaming. It can be likened to walking on crutches all the time. There are two options available. All online casinos allow players to use the games in the demo mode. New players can use this facility till they have mastered the optimum strategy.

The second option is better. You play using real money from the start. First figure out the move that you think is correct. Then check it out from the tool. If you have made a wrong choice, then correct it. As you master the optimum strategy you will make fewer mistakes. There will come a time when you need not use the tool provided.


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