Online Gambling Resolutions For The New Year

Published: December 27, 2015

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They say that New Year resolutions are meant to be broken. You can surf the Internet to find the most frequently broken resolutions. But if you are a player at online casinos then you must make these five resolutions this New Year and never break them. The first one is only for online slots play, but the others are applicable to other casino games as well.

Resolution #1 is always play online slot games with the maximum paylines enabled. Like symbol combinations on paylines that are inactive do not pay. Some special bonus features are active only if you enable all paylines. In some slot games you hit the progressive jackpot by getting the required five of a kind combination on the last payline. All these benefits are too good to miss by economizing on the number of paylines. If you are strapped for cash then make the adjustment in the coin size instead.

Do not set a bankroll that you cannot afford. At the beginning of the year work out what you can afford by determining your income and essential expenses. Keep aside an amount for contingencies and allocate a portion of what is left for online gambling. Divide your gambling budget into weekly allowances and then amounts to be wagered per session. Resolution #2 is never to wager more than what you have allocated for a session.

Resolution #3 is not to chase losses. The best way to keep this resolution is to look upon online gambling as a form of entertainment. When you go to a movie or dinner you do not expect to get your money back. Similarly treat your loss as a price for having a good time. Once you have accepted this principle then the desire for one last fling to recoup your losses will automatically vanish.

Being able to resist temptation is important but removing the temptation is more prudent. Therefore Resolution #4 says that remove your winnings from your online casino account. When you have made a big win immediately put in a withdrawal request, leaving only the amount you had before your windfall. If the money lies with the casino, the temptation will start creeping in and you will have to fall back on your plan B of resisting the temptation.

The best online casinos offer a self-assessment test in their Responsible Gambling section. This test indicates whether you have a proclivity for problem gambling. Resolution #5 is to take this test every quarter with full honesty and if the result shows that you are prone to problem gambling then take corrective action at once.


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