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Published: August 4, 2012

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The online casino industry is an extremely competitive one. Online casinos have to be proactive in communicating their features and updates to the players, rather than waiting for them to log in to their web sites and discover the new features while navigating. If online casinos follow the latter route then they could end up waiting while the player is wagering at some other web site.

There are two common ways that the online casinos use to communicate with the players. These are newsletters and blogs. The most common way is to ask players to subscribe to the newsletters and blogs. Then these are e-mailed to the players who have registered for this service. Online casinos are careful in are not sending these communications to players who do not want them. Not only would it be deemed illegal in many countries, but it would turn away the players. Many players subscribe to this service because it enables them to receive the communications from a large number of online casinos into their e-mail inbox. Thus they have to look at one place only and not hop from casino to casino.

On the other hand, there are players who do not like their inboxes cluttered with mail. They prefer to seek out this information at a time convenient to them. Therefore most online casinos also post the newsletters and blogs at their web sites. Newsletters offer news about online casinos. Usually the news is about upgrades such as addition of a new payment option or incorporation of a new operational tool like a search engine for the games. Unless players are specifically informed about these, they may take some time to discover it for themselves. The news can also be about new games and promotions. Sometimes newsletters offer previews or teasers of upcoming games and promotions to arouse interest in advance. Detailed information is released when these promotions and games go live.

Announcement of big winners is also a favourite item in newsletters. When players read of others taking home large payouts, they are encouraged to continue wagering there. In the case of life changing wins, players are also interested in learning of the reactions of the winners. Some online casinos also list games that have drawn highest traffic. In weekly newsletters this creates a top of the pops kind of chart with games entering and leaving the list every week. Players who want their favourite games to be in the list will wager more on those games.

Blogs are slightly different from newsletters. They are usually written by a named casino employee and reflect his or her personal choices. Even reviews of new games are written in an informal and personal manner highlighting features liked by the writer. Blogs often contain information not directly related to the online casino. It may include some interesting titbits about online gambling or even about land casino gambling. Some online casinos even allow their players to contribute to the blogs.

Omni Casino offers one of the best newsletters in the industry. It is released regularly week after week without any break. The Omni Casino newsletter also offers special promotions, bonuses and the online tournaments that are not available through the promotions page. InterCasino and Vegas Palms Casino have are interesting blogs pages.


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