NetEnt Online Oasis Poker At InterCasino

Published: July 8, 2016

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Some time ago when InterCasino took on board software from NetEnt Oasis Poker was added to its portfolio. Oasis Poker is a casino poker based table game that offers greater challenge than the regular variants like Caribbean Stud Poker. Here too you can replace cards from your dealt hand but for a fee. This article explains the game play for Oasis Poker.

You start as usual by making the ante wager. You will be dealt five cards face up and the dealer will be dealt one card face up and four cards face down. You have the option to replace any number of cards for a cost that is indicated below. Replacing one card costs the ante bet. Replacing two cards costs twice the ante bet. Replacing three cards costs three times the ante bet. Replacing four cards costs twice the ante bet. Replacing all five cards costs the ante bet but you will automatically have to place the call bet. It cannot be emphasized enough that these costs are not refundable and they are not added to the ante bet, which remains unchanged. These are immediate sunk costs. On the screen you click the cards you want to change. These will turn face down and the appropriate chips are placed in the cost box. You confirm the change by clicking the Draw button. The chips are transferred to the house and you get new cards.

Then you decide whether to fold or call. If you fold, then you forfeit the ante bet and lose the game. If you call, then you must make a wager equal to twice the ante. The rest of the dealer’s cards are turned over. The dealer must have an ace/king or higher to qualify. If the dealer does not qualify then you will win even money on the ante bet and the call bet will push. If the dealer qualifies then the hands are compared in the usual poker manner. If the dealer qualifies and wins then you lose all bets. If the dealer qualifies and loses then the ante bet will pay even money and the call bet will pay according to the Call Pay Table. If the player and dealer tie then both bets will push. The Call Pay Table starts with even money for all hands ranked under two pairs. Two pairs pays 2 to 1. At the top royal flush pays 100 to 1.


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