Multi-player Online Slots From Playtech

Published: May 16, 2014

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Multi-player online slots are exciting, not only because they allow players to wager simultaneously on the same game but because they allow you to share in the rewards activated by other players. The leading software provider Playtech offers two slots games of this genre, which you must check out.

The first title is appropriately called Fishing with Buddies. This multi-player slot game can be played with up to five players at the same time. As is the practice in multi-player slots, each player plays the main game by himself, but can see the game of the other players on his screen. The multi-player aspect in the Fishing with Buddies video slot comes through a two-stage bonus round that is triggered randomly at the same time for all players. In the first stage the Bears selected by the players catch fish and award their players bonus credits. The more you has wagered in the main game, the larger is your bonus likely to be. In the second stage, the three highest players in the first stage release the fish caught by them back and receive further bonus credits.

The second Playtech multi-player slot machine is definitely more exciting. It offers a progressive jackpot and is appropriately titled Everybody's Jackpot. The slot game has a game show theme conducted by a suave host and a beautiful hostess. Everybody's Jackpot has the characteristic Playtech 8 paylines structure. The multi-player feature is the Mystery Progressive Jackpot. In order to win a share of this progressive jackpot you must have bet at least 50 credits on this game in the last 24 hours. A qualifying meter is displayed on the screen, which tells you how much more you need to wager in order to qualify. The progressive jackpot is triggered randomly during any main game spin. The player who triggered the spin wins 70% of amount of the jackpot. 15% is shared equally among all other qualified players and the remaining 15% is distributed amongst qualified players in proportion to their bets during the last 24 hours. The advantage of Everybody’s Jackpot is that you can still share the jackpot hit by another player even if you are logged off at that time. Obviously you need to have qualified for the progressive jackpot.

Both these multi-player slots games are live at all Playtech online casinos. recommends Omni Casino and Mansion Casino. These games have all the support and convenience features characteristic of Playtech slots.


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