Movie Mayhem Online Video Slots At InterCasino

Published: March 19, 2016

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One of the few places where you can still play the old Cryptologic online slots is InterCasino. Some of the old titles have been withdrawn, but most of them are still available. In that list is a series of four slot games titled Movie Mayhem. These are not branded slots, but each title represents a different genre of movies through appropriately chosen graphics and symbols. All four slot games are networked to the same four tier progressive jackpot.

Silent Screen represents the movies from the bygone silent era with the lead characters styled from the films of the twenties. The other thematic symbols include the director wielding a megaphone, the clapper board and the vintage car. Sunday Afternoon Classics are the kind of movies made from classic novels, which are even today rerun on Sunday afternoons. The symbols on the reels are a girl with a parasol, a soldier on horseback, a mansion, lovers' twin lockets and a flower. Fantasy Realm takes players into a magical world and there has been a revival of this genre with the Lord of the Rings series. The environment is created by symbols like warrior, queen, magic light, pendant and divining rod. Outta Space Adventure is the popular science fiction genre. You have male and female astronauts, an alien, a spaceship and a scientist.

Each of the Movie Mayhem video slots has an identical bonus round that is triggered randomly. You have to select from six popcorn packets in order to win movie tickets. When a packet of popcorn is clicked it opens and may reveal a golden ticket. If this happens then you are assured of winning one of the four progressive jackpots. Which jackpot is won is determined by the number of tickets revealed in all the popcorn packets. Four tickets will award the largest of the four jackpots, which resets at $10,000. Hence these are not life changing progressive jackpots but will be hit reasonably often. The bonus game can be triggered after any spin, irrespective of the bet amount. However, larger bets will increase the chance of entering the bonus round.

Each Cryptologic Movie Mayhem slot game also offers a free spins bonus round. But this free spins round is different for each slot game. In Sunday Afternoon Classics the round awards 10 free spins at tripled payouts. The Silent Screen free spins awards 15 free spins at tripled payouts. In Outta Space Adventure you get 20 free spins at doubled payouts. The best is in Fantasy Realm, which offers 25 free spins at doubled payouts.


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