Microgaming Online Slots With Bonus Trails

Published: October 23, 2014

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A few of the Microgaming epic slots feature what is known as a bonus trail. The online slot has a number of bonus games that complete a story. When the bonus feature is first triggered you will be taken to the first game in the bonus trail. On the next occasion you will play the second game and so on until you complete the entire round. This feature makes players feel a part of the adventure and encourages them to wager on that online slot game for longer periods. The latest Microgaming slot machine with a bonus trail is Avalon II, which is based on the adventures of the Knights of the Round Table. This article reviews some of the earlier Microgaming slots with bonus trails. They are live at online casinos such as All Slots and Platinum Play.

The first Microgaming video slot with bonus trail was The Great Galaxy Grab. This was a landmark game also because it was Microgaming’s 500th slot machine. Captain Bronzebeard has acquired a new space galleon and spends too much time with it. This enrages his wife Steel Scarlet who steals the galleon takes off into outer space. The captain follows the trail in order to catch up with his wife and pacify her. The trail takes the captain to galactic hotspots like bank, saloon, gas station and casino where you get to play a variety of bonus games and win prizes. For example in gas station you have to match four of the same fuel logos in order to reveal a hidden multiplier. The chase ends at the Mall where you can buy stuff and win bonuses. The 3D graphics in the slot game are an added attraction.

In Jason and the Golden Fleece you trace the mythical journey of the Argonauts from Iolcus to Colchis. The symbols on the reels include the main characters and events from this epic tale. On route the Argonauts underwent several adventures that have been converted to the bonus trail in this slot game. The bonus games are triggered by the Golden Fleece symbols. One of the spots was Mysia the land of the violent Harpies. You have to match four of the same elements to win a multiplier and avoid the Harpies. In Crete the Argonauts encountered the giant Talos. In the bonus game Talos spins the wheel and you win the prize it awards. The Golden Fleece was guarded by a dragon. You give it a potion prepared by Medea and the longer the dragon sleeps the larger is the bonus.


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