Microgaming Online Casino War

Published: September 2, 2016

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Casino War is an almost childish game that many online casino players do not even consider. It is a simple and has fast game play with an average return of the order of European Roulette. Next time you want to unwind in between sessions give Casino War a try. It is offered in the portfolio of all online casino software providers with slightly different rules. This article references Microgaming Casino War.

Casino War is played with six decks. The cards are ranked as in poker, with the aces always being the highest. The suit of the cards is immaterial. You start by placing the ante wager. In the online casino version of the game, you then click the Deal button and one card is dealt to you and one card to the dealer. If the cards are of different ranks, you win if you have the higher ranked card. You are paid even money on the ante bet. If you have the lower card you lose the bet. In either event the game ends.

The action gets somewhat more complicated if the first cards have the same rank. You can then surrender, get half of your ante bet back and end the game. Or you can go to war. Then you have to place a bet equal to the ante bet. Three cards are burnt and again one card is dealt to you and one card to the dealer. This time if your card is of equal or higher value than the dealer's card then you win. You get paid even money on the raise only and the original ante bet pushes. If the dealer's second card is greater, then you lose both bets.

Microgaming Casino War allows you to place an optional tie bet up front. This bet wins if your first card and the dealer’s first card are of the same rank. This bet pays 10 to 1. The average return on this bet is atrocious and you should never go for it. The crucial part of online Casino War is whether you surrender or go to war. If you decide to surrender every time you will end up with an average return of 96.3%. If you decide to go to war every time you will end up with an average return of 97.1%. So the optimum strategy is a no brainer. Every time there is a tie, go to war. You should now be equipped to try out Casino War at Microgaming online casinos like All Slots and Royal Vegas.


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