Meeting Wagering Requirements More Effectively

Published: August 31, 2013

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Wagering requirements are every online casino gambler's worst nightmare, especially when they seem impossible to reach and you are left wondering what was the point of using the bonus code to begin with, if there are so many obstacles to cash out the money. Cash out bonuses often come with different wagering requirements that must be met by the player in order to cash out the money, as you attempt to meet them you should also consider that different games have a different contribution toward your wagering requirements.

If you are eager to meet the wagering requirements really fast, it is important that you possess full knowledge of which games will benefit you the most and will help you meet the requirements faster than others. Usually, slot machine wagers will count 100 percent of their value toward wagering requirements, but games like blackjack and roulette vary per casino, and they usually do not contribute a big amount.

The amount that games, other than slots, contribute towards wagering requirements varies across the industry and fluctuate over time, so we cannot give generalized information that will always be handy. We do recommend that you check how much your favorite games contribute toward wagering requirements at the casinos you play at. There is nothing more frustrating than not meeting wagering requirements. A solid piece of advice we can give is that Microgaming casinos have consistent standards because the software uses the "Clear Play Bonus System" and it is enforced uniformily.

Another issue you will deal with is meeting the wagering requirements on time, because you have a certain time frame from the time you are issued the bonus to wager the money as many times as required so that you will be able to keep it. Therefore, it is extremely important that you know which games will be most helpful in order to help you meet them, and focus on them.

Wagering requirements are a complicated layer of online casino gambling, but they are not impossible to meet. Besides playing the right games, we also recommend trying small deposit bonuses at first so you can measure your rate of play, and decide if you'll be able to meet the requirements for a big bonus. You might find that you are a fast paced gambler, or you might find that you could benefit more from non-cashable bonuses, which let you wager the money without keeping it, but you are allowed to keep the winnings.


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