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Published: January 24, 2012

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When online casinos were established in the mid 1990s the software was based on the Random Number Generator (RNG) The RNG produced a random outcome based on a complicated mathematical algorithm. This outcome was converted to a card in a deck, a number on the roulette wheel or the totals on a pair of dice. The results and the payouts of the various online casino games were based on this RNG. Initially a large section of players did not have confidence in the RNG because there was no visible physical process involved and there was a concern that the software could be doctored. However, as a result of independent testing and consumer education the fears of the RNG were largely dispelled. However a section of potential online casino players were not convinced and they stayed away.

There was another drawback with online casinos. Despite the animation that the software could produce and the dealer voices incorporated in the games, the experience of live land casinos could not be replicated. There is something in a flesh and blood live dealer, with whom players can interact verbally or non-verbally. This warmth was missing at online casinos.

Live dealer casinos were evolved to overcome both these drawbacks. Live dealer casinos are set in a studio that replicates a land casino setting. There are real cards and roulette tables. Live dealers spin the wheel and deal the cards and these acts can be seen by the player in real time. There is no RNG based software so all RNG related concerns are automatically eliminated. Live dealer casinos have a number of video cameras that continuously record the proceedings. When a player logs in at a live dealer casino and selects a table he can see all the action through video streaming over the Internet on his computer. The software allows the player to place wagers. The amount gets deducted from his balance as in normal online casino operations. If the player wins at the live dealer table his balance is automatically credited.

In live dealer casinos, not only can the player see the live dealer conduct the games but the software also allows the player to chat with the dealer. Live dealer casinos run round the clock and they often provide a schedule of which dealer will operate which table during which hours. Therefore players can match their wagering times with those of their favorite dealers and thus have a better real casino experience. Many live dealer casinos also segregate tables according to minimum stakes as in land casinos. Therefore high rollers and low rollers do not play at the same table.

The number of casino games offered is necessarily limited. Most live dealer casinos offer roulette, blackjack and baccarat. Some live dealer casinos also offer the online casino version of Texas Hold’em poker and Sic Bo. The live dealer games are usually the standard variants offered at online casinos. However, live dealer baccarat has some interesting variants. This is surprising because online casinos have only one variant of baccarat, which has little excitement to offer. Some of the variants are In Running, Baccarat Pairs and Dragon Bonus. Playtech and Microgaming are software providers that offer vibrant live dealer casinos at many of their online casinos. Players need to log in to the regular online casino, choose Live Dealer from the games menu and then follow subsequent instructions.


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