Jenga: A Lost Online Casino Game

Published: July 24, 2018

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Cryptologic was one of the pioneers of online casino gaming and at one time boasted of the best portfolios. It offered a category known as Casual Game Slots, which included unique and innovative titles. Unfortunately, Cryptologic has not survived. It was embroiled in a series of acquisitions and games from its original portfolio are no longer on offer at online casinos. This article gives a brief insight into a game called Jenga. Jenga is also one of the first branded online casino games. It is an extremely popular video game from the 1970s featuring coloured blocks, the ownership of which was with Pokonobe Associates.

The structure of Jenga is a 3D tower of blocks based on a 3x3 base. There are two options available. The first is with a tower of 18 layers and the other with a tower of 9 layers. Each layer serves as a payline, if one follows the nomenclature of slot machines. The different coloured blocks are the symbols. Three blocks of the same colour in a layer result in a payout. The payouts are described as usual in a pay table. Additional payouts are awarded for blocks of the same colour those are contiguous to a full layer of identically coloured blocks.

Jenga has the equivalent of wild and scatter symbols as well. Wild symbols are magic blocks. These take on the colour of surrounding blocks so as to make winning combinations. Scatter symbols are Layer Bombs that remove full layers from the tower and replace them with new blocks on the top. Instead of bonus games you have bonus blocks. You are awarded one bonus block for each block in a winning combination. These are added to the top of the tower after blocks from winning combinations are removed. As blocks are removed, the tower could become unstable and collapse. Then a free game is awarded.

The entire animation of blocks being removed and added creates a vivid riot of colours on the screen that is as mesmerising as the payouts. The maximum bet in the 18 layer game works out to $360, which brought in many high rollers. Like other online slot games Jenga had an Auto Play feature. One of the online casinos where Jenga could be played was InterCasino. At that time it was powered exclusively by Cryptologic. Now InterCasino has a host of games suppliers, but games from the original portfolio are no longer available. Some of the other Cryptologic Casual game Slots were Cubis and Sudoku.


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