InterCasino The Oldest Online Casino

Published: March 5, 2016

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InterCasino is the world’s first online casino to offer real money wagering. The almost two decades of its existence have not been all smooth sailing. But its loyal customers have stood by it totally. This article looks at the life and times of InterCasino.

In 1995 Andrew and Mark Rivkin founded Cryptologic in which they developed a mechanism for secure online financial transactions. In the search for an application for their software they hit upon the idea of online casino gambling. Thus InterCasino was born on November 17 1996. Though Cryptologic software has powered several other online casinos, InterCasino has always remained its flagship brand.

InterCasino maintained its lead position in the online casino industry mainly backed by the innovative games offered. As has been the practice in the industry, the bulk of the games are online slots. InterCasino offered a unique category of games called Casual Games. Principally they functioned like online slots but were visually very different. Cubis and Jenga cannot be forgotten by players who have tasted them. InterCasino was also the first online casino to take branded slots to a prolific level. It launched over a dozen slots based on Marvel Comics superheroes like Spiderman and Elektra. These were the rage for a time. Unfortunately the agreement with Marvel has not survived and these slot games are no longer in the InterCasino portfolio. At InterCasino the innovation was not restricted to online slots. In Video Blackjack the multiplayer concept is turned on its head and players can wager against a number of dealer hands simultaneously.

In the 21st century when online gambling exploded, InterCasino was in the forefront. The online poker platform was launched in 2002. The best years for InterCasino were from 2004 to 2008, when it regularly won accolades at annual online gambling prize ceremonies. Then Cryptologic, the promoter of InterCasino, shifted from Toronto to Ireland. Lewis Rose, under whom Cryptologic had flourished, declined to relocate. The parting was not amicable and it affected both Cryptologic and InterCasino.

For four years InterCasino existed, but was in the doldrums. In 2012, Amaya Gaming acquired both Cryptologic and InterCasino. After two years Amaya hived off these operations but not before infusing fresh blood. In the earlier period InterCasino offered online casino games only from Cryptologic. Several other leading software providers were added. Most prominent of these is NextGen Gaming with titles like Andre the Giant and Doctor Love on Vacation. Leander Games has also contributed with online slots like Dolly and Pablo Picasslot.


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