Interactive Features In Online Slots

Published: May 22, 2015

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Many table games at online casinos allow players to make an extra wager for the chance of winning additional amounts. At the same time you run the risk of losing the extra wager and not winning anything in return. Examples of these are side bets in table games like blackjack and casino poker. There are a few online slots in which such interactive features are available. However the return that you can expect on the additional wagers is not computable. Therefore you have to go by your gut feeling based on playing these slot games a large number of times.

One series of such interactive slot games involves the Respin feature. These games are from Microgaming and include Reel Gems and Retro Reels. Each reel has a Respin button below it. After the reels come to rest in any spin, a value is displayed below each Respin button. This is the cost of spinning only that reel keeping the other four fixed. If the possibility of hitting winning combinations is larger for spinning a reel, the cost of the respin will be more for that reel. Any new wins as a result of the new symbols on the reel that has been re-spun will be paid out. Fresh Respin values will be displayed below all the reels again.

Wild Gambler from Playtech has an interactive feature called “Lock and Spin”. You can lock the wild symbols appearing at the end of a spin and ensure that they will remain in that place in the next spin. This benefit comes at a cost that is displayed on the screen, so you have to decide whether the cost is worth the potential reward. If there are number of wild symbols on the screen, locking all of them can lead to a prohibitive cost. You can reduce the cost by eliminating some some of the locked wilds. There is a sequel to this slot game with the Lock and Spin feature titled Arctic Adventure.

The online casino software provider Cryptologic has released a series of branded slots based on DC Comics superheroes like Batman, Wonder Woman and Superman. The interactive feature in these slot games is the Bonus Bet. By activating the Bonus Bet you enable all paylines and add 10 additional coins to the total bet. The benefit you receive is that a bonus game on the second screen becomes available. You still have to get the required symbols on the screen to trigger the bonus game. The maximum payout in the bonus game is 100 times the triggering bet, but you will generally win something worthwhile.


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