Innovations In Playtech Online Slots

Published: March 13, 2015

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Online casino slots developers have to innovate in order to keep their customers interested. Playtech is a leading software provider and is no different in this respect. Over the years it has introduced some excellent features in its slot machines. However, Playtech has used these features sparingly. In this manner it has been able to generate a lot of traffic to the slot games whenever such features have been used. This article has picked out some of these features for review.

Some Playtech online slots have a mystery scatter symbol. A regular scatter symbol is designated in the main game. The free spins feature is triggered when three or more scatter symbols appear anywhere on the reels. But before the free spins commence one of the other symbols is randomly selected as the mystery scatter symbol. This symbol then forgoes its payouts and awards payouts just like the regular scatter symbol during the free spins. Therefore the free spins proceed with two scatter symbols. If a low paying symbol becomes the mystery scatter it can make a big difference to the free spins payout. Playtech Captain's Treasure Pro has a mystery scatter symbol.

Another Playtech innovation is the split symbol. It was introduced in the Marvel Movies super hero branded slot Blade. The split symbol appears only on reel 5. When this happens the last symbol in any winning combination will be split in two and will count as two symbols. Normally if a winning combination ends on reel 3, it will pay for three symbols. But when the third symbol gets split, the winning combination pays for four symbols, even though it ends on reel 3. Hence it is possible to have winning combinations with six symbols. The visual process of splitting the symbol is also appealing. Blade appears on the symbol that is to be split. He rips the symbol vertically with his sword.

Playtech introduced an innovative way to trigger free spins in the online slot game Cute and Fluffy. There is a counter below each reel. Every time the designated bonus symbol appears on a reel the counter for that reel increases by one. When any of the counters reaches four the bonus round with free spins is triggered. If you are lucky the bonus symbol may appear on the same reel four times in succession. Or you may have to wait till the bonus symbol appears 16 times for the free spins to trigger.

All these online slots can be played at Playtech online casinos like Omni Casino and Mansion Casino.


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