How To Handle Disputes With Online Casinos

Published: November 5, 2018

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In case a dispute arises with your online casino, you should be clear as to what steps to take. Carelessness on your part in addressing this issue can backfire if the dispute resolution is moved to an independent agency. This article outlines what you need to do and when.

The first thing you must do is create a comprehensive note on the dispute. No information is too trivial. Include the date and time of dispute, the game being played (if relevant), the bonus or promotion involved and the exact details of dispute. Cross check it for completeness and errors. Then send it by e-mail to the online casino. Also send a copy to the regulatory authority of the online casino, indicating that at the moment this is for information only. Do not go public at online forums.

Then contact the customer support of the online casino for resolution of the dispute. Avoid contacting over phone, because you need a record of what has transpired. You can contact the online casino through live chat and save the transcripts. Remain courteous at all times. A friendly interaction has a greater chance of success. Rude and aggressive behaviour can give the online casino an excuse to blacklist you. Give the online casino reasonable time if asked for. If the representative dealing with you is unable to resolve the issue, request to speak to the casino manager.

If the online casino has not resolved the issue to your satisfaction then it is time to invoke the dispute resolution agency. The best regulatory agencies have now made it mandatory for online casinos to appoint independent agencies for this purpose. Send the original complaint and the complete transcript of what has transpired with the online casino. Do not alter or hide facts because the dispute resolution agency will also hear out the online casino’s version of the story.

If the dispute resolution agency rules in your favour, the online casino is bound to make amends. If the agency rules against you, then most likely you are in the wrong. Before proceeding further go through the findings of the agency with a cool mind. If you still feel aggrieved then you can contact the regulatory authority. Refer to the original complaint and send them the findings of the dispute resolution agency, clearly indicating why you disagree with them.

If all these steps fail, then you will not get redressal. You can then contact watchdog organisations that independently monitor online casinos. If they feel that you are right then they would issue warning to other players about the online casino and the concerned agencies.


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