How To Chase Targets In Online Slots Tournaments

Published: February 9, 2015

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Online slots tournaments are held over a period of time, whether a day, or a week or a month. Online casino players can access the tournament any time during the period, play the slot game, register their score and wait for the outcome. Most players delay playing the tournament till as late as possible. This enables them to see the leader board and set a target for themselves. This is by and large a good strategy, except for a niggling issue that will be dealt with later in the article.

Usually in an online slots tournament, a number of players share the prize pool and therefore it is not necessary to aim for the highest position on the leader board in order to win a prize. Aiming for the top position would mean taking large risks through aggressive wagering with the probability of going bust. Tournament players would need to start with some aggression in order to chase the score at which players will start winning prizes. But once that is reached, conservative players should focus more on maintaining a position that pays out rather than trying for one of the top positions. Some players are not satisfied with the lower range of prizes. They play online slots tournaments for the jackpot prizes offered to the top few positions. They do not mind busting out and losing the buy-in in the process. Such players need to play aggressively all the way.

In many online slots tournaments you can continue playing after your chip stack is depleted or time has run out. You have to pay an extra amount for the additional chips or time. There is a temptation while chasing leader board targets to keep paying the rebuy charges. At some point the total investment will become so high that it is not worth continuing any further. You have to learn to cut your losses and quit. Exactly at what stage you should do that will depend on your bankroll and your risk taking propensity.

Players enter the tournament late because they want to see a crystallized leader board and chase a fixed target. But because most players enter late the highest scores keep increasing till the very end. Therefore players have to add a buffer to the existing highest scores to provide for the increase. A lot of experience goes into making these decisions correctly. As you participate more often in online slots tournaments you will be able to fine tune this basic strategy to suit your specific needs.


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