Hi Lo Games at Online Casinos

Published: June 26, 2012

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Hi Lo games are special fixed odds games at online casinos. They are listed under Arcade Games or Instant Win Games in the games’ menus. Such games are mostly offered at Playtech or WagerWorks online casinos.

The simple structure of Hi Lo games is as follows. A random number is first generated between a specified lower and higher limit. Then the player has to predict whether the next number will be higher or lower than the first. If he guesses right then he is paid out as per the stated odds. If he guesses wrong then he loses the wager. The odds are not uniform throughout and vary inversely with the probability of the outcome. If the number range is from 0 to 50 and the existing number is 47, then the probability of getting a higher number is small and therefore the odds will be high. The probability of getting a lower number is large and therefore the odds will be low.

Most variants of Hi Lo games at online casinos allow players to accumulate their winnings. Instead of cashing the payout it can, at the player’s option, be added to the previous wagered amount. The danger is this is that if the player loses then he will forfeit all past winnings as well. Therefore it is prudent to periodically cash out the winnings. In order to overcome this problem some Hi Lo games allow players to add half the accumulated amount to the previous wager and collect half. The player thus has both the advantages.

In order to make Hi Lo games palatable to online casino players they are presented in a thematic setting. One such game is Mel’s Hi Lo Golf from WagerWorks. Mel drives the golf ball for each draw and when it comes to rest it displays the random number generated. More sophisticated Hi Lo casino games visually use cards or dice to generate the random number. This gives the games another gambling link. Genie’s Hi Lo from Playtech displays a genie holding a deck of cards. Players select one card from the deck, which is exposed. They then have to predict whether the next card will be higher ranked or lower ranked than the previous one. Genie’s Hi Lo offers other twists to the base game. Odds are offered for players guessing the suit of the next card and for guessing both the rank and the color of the next card.

Rollercoaster Dice from Playtech is one of the most fascinating Hi Lo games. Not only does it visually use a pair of dice but it is set in an amusement park. In Rollercoaster Dice the number drawn equals the total of the numbers on the faces of the two dice rolled. There is an even more fundamental difference. In other Hi Lo games the probability of drawing any number is the same. However, this is not true for the totals obtained by rolling dice. Therefore Rollercoaster Dice is played differently. Players have to make at five consecutive correct guesses in order to win the first payout, which is a multiple of the bet amount. If they do so then they can cash their winnings or accumulate them for the next level. Thereafter they have to guess right twice in a row to reach the next level. Anytime the player guesses incorrectly the entire wager is lost.


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