Heroes’ Realm Online Slot From Rival Gaming

Published: February 24, 2017

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Some 3-reels classic slots are so good that they blur the difference with video slots. One such title is Heroes’ Realm from Rival Gaming. You can play it at online casinos like Bovada Casino and Bodog Casino. Heroes’ Realm is not only a classic slot, but one with a single payline. But the visual appeal is fantastic. It includes an introductory clip customary in video slots that depicts the male and female medieval hero battling a horde of skeletons and their monstrous leader. The reels are set in the background of the heroes’ castle.

Most of the symbols are the medieval combat weapons such as sword, battle axe, daggers, shield, flail and war hammer. Win animations are rare in classic slots but two symbols in Heroes’ Realm have this property. The vial stopper opens and a purple coloured elixir of life is released. The treasure chest opens to reveal its store of precious gems. In most cases symbols have to appear on all three reels of the payline in order to award payouts. The battle axe is an exception because it also pays when two are aligned from left to right. The treasure chest acts as the scatter symbol of video slots. It pays when one or more symbols appear on any of the reels. A special payout is awarded when you land the dagger on the first reel, the shield on the second reel and the magic vial on the third reel. The top payout is 750 coins per coin wagered for three battle axes. The coin size in Heroes' Realm varies from $0.01 to $10.00. You can wager up to three coins.

Video slots are known for bonus features like free spins and second screen games. Heroes’ Realm offers both a free spins bonus round and a bonus game on the second screen. Crossed knives symbols trigger the free spins feature. Two of them award 10 free spins and three crossed knives symbols award a massive 50 free spins. The bonus game on the second screen is quite fascinating. You have to choose either the male character or the female character as your hero. You are then taken to the courtyard of the castle. Five enemies are hiding there waiting to ambush the hero. You have to spot them and then direct the hero to kill them. The first four enemies that you pick will be skeletons and the fifth will be the monster. Random bonus credits will be awarded for each enemy killed.


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