Get The Maximum Gaming From Your Bankroll

Published: July 31, 2018

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You are gaming online and you find that your bankroll for the day has vanished. You have been playing for only 20 minutes when you planned to be at the online casino for at least an hour. If you find yourself in this situation more often than not check out the three best ways to extend your gambling time.

The most useful tip is to claim bonuses. Many players avoid this because they cannot be bothered with understanding the terms and conditions, especially meeting the wagering requirements. It is a fact that wagering requirements are steep and you will not be able to meet them most of the times. But take a step back and think what you are actually losing. You will not have lost any of your own funds. In the worst case you will fail to convert the bonus into withdrawable cash. But look at what you gain. You get extra playing time without paying for it. This means there has been more enjoyment. In effect you have made the bankroll go longer.

You must start with smaller bets. There is no quicker way to bust a bankroll than by betting huge amounts. You will be aware how long you take for one game round. If you will get say 100 game rounds in your targeted playing time, then each bet should be one-hundredth of your bankroll. This way even if you do not win at all your bankroll will last full time. But you will win every now and then. When you win big then make an adjustment to the bet amount. Take your present bankroll and the remaining time you plan to play and increase the bet amount accordingly.

Factor in the game volatility. Some video slots have high volatility. When you win then you can win big. But you can also end up with long losing streaks. Mix up video slots with table games like baccarat and blackjack. These pay out mostly at even money, but have an average return of over 99%. So, if you are not winning much then you are not losing much either. Blackjack is highly recommended. You can use strategy cards for online blackjack play while you master the optimum strategy. Blackjack is good for self-esteem as well because you are not depending on luck. Having calmed down on the online blackjack tables you can then go back to video slots.


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