Gamble Feature In Gamomat Online Slots

Published: October 24, 2018

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Gamomat is a new games supplier that has been backed to the hilt by InterCasino, which is the oldest online casino in the business. Mighty Dragon, Fort Brave, Gates of Persia and Book of Romeo and Julia are some of the video slots on offer. Gamomat online slots have certain unique features. One of them is the Gamble feature, which is available in all Gamomat slots. Almost all software providers offer gamble features in at least some of their slots. What makes Gamomat different is that there is a choice of Gamble features for the player. One of them has the standard structure, while the other one is something completely different. This article takes players through the Gamomat Gamble feature.

The Gamble feature comes into play when you hit a winning combination in any spin. Three buttons light up nest to the Spin button below the reels. One shows a cash bag, one shoes a ladder and one shows a hand of playing cards. The cash bag is the collect button. If you do not want to gamble with your winnings you click the collect button, bag your payout and move to the next spin. The same effect takes place if you click the Spin button again.

The Card Gamble can be activated by clicking the button with the cards symbol. The screen shows a card face down. The win amount is initially shown as the gamble amount. Double of that is shown as gamble win. If you win the card gamble then you double the staked amount. The colours of the last five cards are shown in the history section. This is actually immaterial because each draw is an independent one. There is a collect half button. It allows you to gamble a part of the amount won and collect the remaining. Once you have settled on the gamble amount you select red or black. If the colour of the drawn card matches the choice, the win is doubled. In case the colour does not match, the risked amount is lost. You can collect the win after the gamble or stake it again up to 5 times.

The ladder gamble can be activated by clicking the gamble button with the ladder symbol. A ladder is displayed on the screen with increasing amounts on the rungs. The lights start flashing on the rungs above and below the amount won. Here there is no choice to reduce the staked amount. When you click the ladder amount again, the light will randomly stop on the higher or lower amount. You can keep playing the ladder gamble till you collect or hit the zero. Gambling is not possible for high wins or in auto play mode.


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