Deciphering Goddess Of Wisdom Online Slot

Published: November 27, 2016

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Some players simply play new slot games by hitting the spin button and taking what comes. Others like to understand the slot machine better. Goddess of Wisdom is a video slot from Playtech’s Age of the Gods series. It can be deciphered first thematically and then through its gaming features.

Goddess of Wisdom is based on Greek mythology and the symbols on the reels tell several stories. Athena is the Greek goddess of wisdom. She is also the goddess of war. Despite her full battle regalia, Athena’ focus is on the strategy of war rather than on actual fighting. Athena is obviously the wild symbol. The scatter symbol is the white owl, Athena’s constant companion and indicative of the wisdom aspect.

The top line payout is awarded by Athena’s shield with Medusa’s head embossed on it. Medusa was a Gorgon who could turn people to stone with one withering look. When Perseus was assigned to slay Medusa, Athena gave him her shield. Perseus looked at the reflection of Medusa on the shield while he beheaded her. Later Athena put Medusa’s head on the shield. The next symbol is Athena’s breastplate named Aegis. She was born with it and it was like her skin. It made her invincible. Athena is always depicted with a helmet, which is the next symbol. A pair of sandals is an intriguing symbol. It probably belongs to Nike, the goddess of victory who is often shown with Athena. The final thematic symbol is the olive. Athena had gifted this fruit to Athens, the city that bears her name.

The Battle Game is the sole bonus feature in Goddess of Wisdom and it needs some explanation for newbie slots players. You can choose from three free spins offers. The shield awards 10 free spins. The helmet awards 7 free spins with a 4x multiplier. The breastplate awards 14 free spins with a 2x multiplier. With this information the first option is redundant. The key condition is that the chosen symbol will replace the other two during the free spins. The shield pays out much more than the other two symbols and this builds in an average multiplier somewhere between 2x and 4x.

Playtech has launched the Age of the Gods to eventually replace the Marvel superhero series. Slots games from the new series use the same slots engines from the Marvel series with a one to one correspondence. Goddess of Wisdom employs the Elektra slots engine and appropriately so.


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