Customization Options In Microgaming Online Slots

Published: January 16, 2014

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Online slot machines load with default settings and you can start wagering right away after selecting your betting parameters. However, the leading software providers include options in their slots machines that you can use to customize the playing area to your liking. If you intend to spend long hours playing online slots, you should configure the screen and game play in the manner that makes you most comfortable. The software provider Microgaming has among the best customization options and this article explains how to use them.

In Microgaming online slots the customization options button is located on the bottom tool bar. Clicking on this button opens the Options set up box that has four sections. The first is related to game speed. In the default mode the reels spin for some time before coming to rest. Many players consider this a waste of time. Therefore Microgaming offers a Quick Spin option. If you check this option the reels will stop almost instantly. Some players like the default setting in the main game, but want to increase the speed in the free spins. If you subscribe to this then you should check the Quick Spin in Free Spins option.

The second section is a new introduction in some of the latest Microgaming slots like Lucky Koi. These graphics and features rich slot machines require computers with the latest specifications to ensure that the graphics are sharp and the action is smooth. If you are using a slightly older computer it is advised that you go for the Basics graphics setting. You may lose some of the visual appeal, but your game play will not be affected. In the Enhanced setting you have the additional option of having an animated background. The visual appeal of this is terrific.

Microgaming online slots come with three types of audio features. Game sounds are the sounds associated with the spinning of the reels. Win sounds are those heard when you get a winning combination. Backgrounds are the music and audio played while the reels are spinning. In the third section of the Options set up box, you can individually disable one or more of these sound options. If you do not want any audio you can check the Switch Off All Sounds option. It is advisable to play new slots with all sound options enabled. Once this novelty wears off you can decide whether you want to continue with the slot game sounds, or listen to your favorite music while wagering or play without any audio.

The fourth section allows you to display your balance, bet and win values either as coins or as credits.


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