Comparing Land Casino And Online Craps

Published: June 30, 2017

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Online casino games are played alone, whereas in land casinos you play in full public view. The latter environment is more intimidating and you need to be prepared for it. The difference in the environment in online craps and land casino craps is significant. This article will help you understand what to expect in land casino craps.

The land casino craps table is divided into three sections. The two end sections are identical and contain the pass, come and field bets. The smaller middle section contains the proposition bets. In online casino only one of the end sections and the middle area are displayed on the screen. In online casino craps the game is operated by the software, but you will find a number of persons at craps tables in land casinos.

The stickman stands at the centre of the table and handles the dice with a flexible hooked stick. He also announces the number rolled and places the proposition bets for the players. The boxman sits directly across the stickman. He manages the casino bankroll and makes sure that the correct payouts have been given. The boxman also adjudicates any disputes that may arise. The two dealers stand on either side of the boxman. Each dealer handles the chip transactions at his end of the table for the winning and losing bets. Certain special bets like place bets and free odds bets have to be placed through the dealers and cannot be placed directly by the players. The dealers also handle the pucks used to indicate the points. In land casinos you will rarely find single craps tables. Many tables are arranged in an area known as the pit. In addition to the four employees per table there are a number of floormen in the pit that supervise the tables and attend to VIP customers. Finally there is the pit boss in overall charge of the pit. The pit boss operates through the other employees and rarely interacts with the players.

In online craps the dice are rolled automatically at the click of a button. Some of the better online casino craps games have animations of the player shooting the dice. This is because in land casino craps the players themselves roll the dice. One of the players becomes the shooter and rolls the dice across the table. He continues doing so till he craps out. Then the next player takes over. The shooter has no advantage in the betting.


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