Bonus Games in Online Slots

Published: June 15, 2012

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Most of the online slots offered today are of the bonus slots type. When a specified combination of symbols appears on the reels after a spin, the process of spinning the reels stops and the player is made to play a bonus game. The player does not wager anything additional to the stake for the spin that generated this game. However, benefits accrue to the player through the bonus games. Usually the benefit is in terms of bonus credits. The larger is the amount staked in the triggering spin, the greater the bonus will be. Some bonus games award free spins with multipliers.

There are two types of bonus games. The less common type is referred to as bonus games on the reels. The player picks one of the symbols that triggered the bonus in order to receive the benefits. Magic Multiplier is an online slot game that offers this type of bonus game. It is called Curtain Feature and is triggered when three or more curtain symbols appear on the screen. The player chooses one of the symbols. The curtains open to reveal the bonus credits.

The usual bonus game is referred to as the bonus game on the second screen. The reels disappear from the screen and a different setting is displayed that is in consonance with the theme of the slot game. In the most common form of the bonus game, the player picks an object from those displayed in order to win bonus credits. The best online slots integrate the process of picking the object with the theme of the slot game. In the Stunt Pilot slot game the player picks one of the four pilots displayed. The pilot performs an aerial maneuver and receives bonus credits based on how well he does.

Often players are allowed to pick more than one object. Sometimes the number of objects to be picked is fixed. At other times it is determined by the number of triggering symbols that appeared on the reels. In some of the latest online slots games, the players can keep picking objects till they reveal specific instructions. Surf Safari offers this type of bonus game. 15 Surf Wax symbols appear on the second screen. The player keeps choosing from these symbols and collecting the bonuses. If the symbol reveals Collect, it means that feature is over and the player is awarded the accumulated bonuses. However, if the symbol reveals Win All, then he will win all prizes available, in addition to those already picked.

Some bonus games on the second screen are of the multi-level type. If players succeed at a given level they move to the next one. However, if they fail then the bonus game ends. Voyager’s Quest online slot offers this type of bonus game. The objective of the bonus game is to reach the cruise ship at the port by using the car, train, boat and plane on different legs of the journey. There are four paths shown for the car journey. The player chooses one. If the car breaks down, the bonus game ends. Otherwise the player collects the bonus points for this level and moves to the next where he chooses a path for the train. The process repeats. If the player succeeds in all the legs of the journey he reaches the cruise ship in time and gets even more bonus credits.


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