Betsoft Pyramid Video Poker

Published: July 11, 2018

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Betsoft is a popular games supplier to online casinos. Though it is more known for its 3D video slots, it offers innovative titles in other casino games categories. One is a set of video poker games called Pyramid Video Poker. Jacks or Better and other common online video poker variants are included in this series.

The initial hand of five cards is dealt in the layout of a pyramid. This is not just a visual difference, but the game play is also structured around this. You will play three different payout tables with the same hand of five cards. One payout table is for the usual five card poker hand rankings. The second payout table is for the three card poker hand formed by the left side of the pyramid. The third payout table is for the three card poker hand formed by the right side of the pyramid. It is mandatory to place equal bets for all three payout tables. Therefore your bet will be 3, 6, 9, 12 or 15 coins, with one third the coins for each payout table.

Jacks or Better is being used to explain how the payout tables work in Betsoft Pyramid Video Poker. The five cards payout table is the usual Jacks or Better one. Four-card and five-card winning combinations are not possible in three cards hands. The three-card payout tables contain hands in the sequence of the revised probabilities. It contains the following hand rankings in ascending order: jacks or better, flush, straight, three of a kind, straight flush and mini royal flush. Mini royal flush is A, K and Q of the same suit. Though the hand rankings are the same in the tree-card payout tables, the payout ratios are different and you will need to factor this when deciding which cards to hold.

The highest payout for a given set of five cards across all payout tables for a wager of 15 coins is 4600 coins. The hand that delivers this payout is a suited A, K, Q, J and 10 in this sequence. The left side payout table awards 500 coins for a mini royal flush, the five cards payout table awards 4,000 coins for a royal flush and the right side payout table awards 100 coins for a straight flush. All the Pyramid Video Poker variants offer a low average return to player as compared to the better known titles. So it is not recommended that you ply these games for real money. But you can exercise your grey cells playing in the demo mode.


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